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Emergency Flood Damage Repair NY

New York Water Damage Repair

We specialize in New York water damage repair. We can handle these emergencies for both residential and commercial clients. In most cases, we can respond within the hour and our commitment to providing caring, outstanding customer service throughout the great state of New York keeps us a cut above the rest.


Water Removal and Flood Extraction Services

As professionals in this field, we need to respond quickly to your loss to minimize your damage. We cannot stress this fact enough. The longer the moisture remains in your home or business, chances increase dramatically that secondary damage such as microbial buildup will occur.New York Water Damage Repair

What we Can Offer You

  • Inspection & Assessments: So that you and your insurer know the extent of the damage, what needs to be replaced, and what can be restored.
  • Top of the Range Industrial Strength Dehumidifiers & Blowers: To dry out your property quickly and thoroughly.
  • Disinfecting, Deodorizing & Sanitizing: To eliminate mold, harmful bacteria, and odor.
  • Cleaning & Pack-Out Services: To protect your personal belongings.
  • Hardwood Floors: We have state of the art equipment to dry your hardwood floor. Time is crucial. If you have had a water loss in your home, we will inspect your hardwood flooring, and take the steps necessary to save your floor.
  • Reconstruction & Repair Work: To repair any structural damage caused by flooding.
  • Furniture & Carpet Cleaning: To restore your damaged floor coverings and furniture.

All standing water should be removed immediately, and then industrial strength equipment needs to be installed to extract moisture from your floors and walls. This will prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, dry rot and structural damage to your body.

We don’t have a magic wand but we can offer you the next best thing. We offer a 24 hour emergency service. So whether your flooding is due to natural disaster, a leak from dishwashers or other appliances, or burst pipes, give us a call now at: and minimize the damage.

We can work with your insurer, to save you time and a lot of headaches. And we make sure that your property is restored quickly, to minimize any inconvenience to you.

Safety Steps

When you have a water emergency, below are some safety steps you can follow to minimize your loss:Safety Steps For Water Damage

  • Do not enter the area that has standing water due to electrical shock hazard.
  • Turn off circuit breakers to the area affected.
  • Turn off the water source if possible.
  • If repair is needed for a leak or what ever the source of the water was, call a professional plumber.
  • Call us for top notch New York Water Damage Repair.
  • Remove small articles that are on wet surfaces and be careful where you are placing them, they are most likely wet.
  • Remove personal items such as; shoes, toys, paper item, etc.
  • Place plastic wrap or foil under furniture legs that are on wet surfaces that cannot be moved.
  • Remove any breakables from the effected area such as; china in a china, collectibles, etc.
  • Draperies- In the event your draperies get wet, take a clothes hanger, put the bottom of the draperies through the hanger and hang the hanger on the rod. Furniture skirts can be pinned up.
  • Keep children and pets from the effected area.Time is a very important factor. The quicker we can start the drying process, the less damage. Secondary damage such as microbial growth, and odor can happen very quickly. This is a health risk to you.

Got a Gradual Leak?

Gradual LeakA leak that has occurred over a long period of time may not seem as worrying, as a flood. The trouble is these types of leaks can cause the most damage to your property, and also to your health. So it’s important that they are dealt with quickly.
Why waste another minute? You can prevent further damage to your home and contents by calling us now, right now at: (315) 274-2300

Our 24 hour emergency service is available 7 days a week, so we can begin to restore your property right away.

 Mold Remediation & Clean-up

Mold Removal New YorkMost of us know that mold is unpleasant and unhygienic. But the consequences of having mold in your home can be devastating. Some types of mold can cause serious harm to your health, and even death.
Illnesses caused by mold include asthma, sinus infections, digestive tract infections, and neurological problems.

Why You Need a Professional Mold Removal Service in Your Home in New York

New York gets a lot of precipitation. There’s a lot of moisture in the air most of the year. Therefore, if part of your home becomes saturated, it’s not going to be nearly as easy as if you lived out in a desert. If you notice mold growth in your home, it may be tempting to try to clean it up yourself straight away. But you don’t want to risk the health and safety of your family, so it’s wise to use a professional service.

The trouble is, you don’t know what type of mold is in your home, or how hazardous it may be. So we are able to carry out a variety of mold tests and inspections to determine the type of mold, and the best way to deal with it.

Mold growth can be fatal to the health and safety of your family, if it isn’t dealt with properly. So why risk the health of your family, when we can offer the professional service you need?

The Mold Removal Services We Can ProvideMold Removal Services NY

  • Comprehensive Mold Testing & Inspections: To determine the type of mold, to enable us to deal with it correctly.
  • Variety of Test Methods: This enables us to test for mold in all areas of your home, including the air.
  • Determine & Eliminate Cause of Mold: This is important as we will be able to prevent your home from becoming infested with more mold in the future.
  • Clean and Test: We can test all areas of your home, including crawl-spaces, air ducts, interior walls, attics, etc. This helps us to discover whether you have mold growth in hard to reach areas. And if so, we can clean, decontaminate and detoxify those areas.
  • Water Moisture Removal & Dehumidifying: Often mold is caused by leaks, and the combination of water and heat. When this happens we can remove the moisture, to prevent future mold growth and prevent damage to the structure of your building.

What Causes Mold Growth?

Mold growth can be caused by floods, burst pipes, or an escape of water from faulty appliances such as dishwasher, washing machines and air conditioners. The combination of heat and water encourages mold growth. Condensation and humidity can also cause the growth of mold and mildew.
Mold thrives in confined spaces such as attics, crawlspaces, basements, laundry rooms and wall interiors.

Don’t risk the health and safety of your family for a minute longer. If you suspect that you have mold growing in your home, give us a call now at: (315) 274-2300. We’re waiting for your call.

Odor Removal Services & Cleaning

Odor Removal New YorkIf you have an odor problem in your home, you’ve probably noticed that no amount of cleaning seems to get rid of it. In fact, many odors become even stronger after cleaning.

Why Ordinary Cleaning Doesn’t Work

Different odors affect your home in a variety of ways, so ordinary cleaning simply can’t remove them. For example, smoke odor particles become airborne, which makes it impossible to get rid of them using ordinary cleaning methods. And some odors penetrate your walls and floors, so a surface clean just can’t eliminate them.

To make matters worse, many non-commercial odor removal products simply mask the smell rather than getting rid of it. So when you consider all these factors, it’s not surprising that you are unable to get rid of the embarrassing odors in your home.

Fortunately, you’ve found a solution to your odor problem. Our state of the art cleaning system and products will eliminate odors, and leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

We Can Eliminate These Odors from Your Property Right Now

  • Smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes
  • Odors from Mold & Mildew
  • Embarrassing smells from pets and litter boxes
  • Odors from Cooking (Grease) & Food Preparation
  • Smells caused by animals or pests, including dead rodents, birds, and skunk
  • Foul smelling Sewage or Septic Tank Back-ups & Overflows
  • Trust Us to Get Rid Of Your Odor Problem Forever

We are experts in dealing with major floods and mold. We have the best deodorizing, sanitizing, cleaning methods and products available. So you can rely on us to eliminate your odor problem immediately.

Why suffer another minute of discomfort and embarrassment? You owe it to your family and visitors to provide a clean, fresh smelling environment. So give us a call now at: (315) 274-2300 and banish your odor problem for good.


Sewage Cleanup, Restoration & Repair

Sewage clean up and removal NYIf you’ve had an escape of water, or flood involving sewage, you already know that its presence and smell in your home is disgusting.
And any water damage involving black water, such as floods, septic tank back-ups, and overflows can be extremely harmful to the health of your family.

So the problem needs specialist treatments to prevent growth of pathogens and micro-organisms.
We Can Help You Right Now!

It’s important that you have your sewage problem dealt with right away. So we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service 7 days a week. And we can begin a fast and thorough restoration of your property today.
You can feel safe in the knowledge that your property is in safe hands. You can be confident that we have the expertise, equipment, and specialist treatments to restore your property and protect the health of your family.

What We Can Do For You

  • Waste Water Extraction: To quickly remove all standing black water.
  • Odor Control: To eliminate odors and stop them from spreading.
  • Inspection & Assessment: To provide you and your insurer with complete details of the damage and the restoration work required.
  • Investigation: To determine the cause of the sewage damage and fix it.
  • Disinfecting, Sanitizing & Deodorizing Your Property: To eliminate all smells, and harmful bacteria.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Furniture, carpets & personal belongings.
  • Prevent Spread of Bio-Contaminants: Bacteria, fungi, viruses, & parasites to protect the health of your family.
  • Black Water (sewage or gray water) Restoration: Specialist drying of your property to prevent damage to the infrastructure.
  • Sump Pump Repairs and Toilet Back Flow Repairs

Why Wait Another Minute?
We can begin restoring your property right now. Just call us at (315) 274-2300 for your New York Water Damage Repair needs. We offer a 24 hour emergency service, so we’re waiting for your call.